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Welcome to the Create Income Streams website, offering information on using the World-Wide Web to enhance your income.

I am a long-time computer scientist and web entrepreneur. “Web entrepreneur?” Yes, and for years a spectacularly unsuccessful one. I gained most of my knowledge by making mistakes and listening to other people’s mistakes, just as you are probably doing.

I am devoting this site to reviews of the things I’ve tried, what worked, what I liked or didn’t, and what I did right, and wrong. I’ll point you to sources of information that can help you speed up your learning curve.

What is a niche website? Here is a (sarcastic) tour of a website created by Adam Short, who teaches his e-commerce techniques through his Niche Profit Classroom membership site.

What a Niche Information Product Website Looks Like

Go watch Adam Short’s videos on Niche Profit Classroom. The link gets you to some videos by Adam Short giving his take on NPC. (By the way, I give affiliate links wherever I can as a matter of principle. It’s what web entrepreneurs are supposed to do.)



Where do the minicourses come from? Most of the material is publicly available on the Web, so why sign up for a minicourse? Several reasons:

  1. We find and select the material so you don’t have to wander around the web searching for it.
  2. We put the material in order so you won’t be frustrated reading material without the background for it.
  3. We break up the material into bite-sized chunks. If the material were dumped on you all at once, you’d likely be overwhelmed, put it aside for later, and never get around to it.
  4. We send you more information every few days, so you won’t just forget about the topic. The big enemy of success is your attention wandering before you have completed something.

How To Promote Your Book On Radio Talk Shows For Free If you’re going to sell your book to the public, you have to get their attention. By far the most effective way is to be a guest on radio talk shows: you get to spend maybe half an hour at a time talking with thousands of people, telling your stories, giving them information. They will want to spend more time with you by reading your book. You can’t afford to buy this exposure, but you can get it for free. Here’s how.

How To Sell With Teleseminars Why pay thousands to get a moment’s attention from people who don’t really want what you are offering, when for under $10, with a teleseminar, you can get an hour of uninterrupted  attention from people who do want what you have to sell.

Relationship Marketing With An Autoresponder: How To Build And Use An Email List To make serious money online, you must get repeat sales. You need half-a-dozen to a dozen contacts with someone to get the first sale. It’s a lot easier sell to people who have already bought from you, so you need to get back in touch to pitch them more products. And you must automate keeping in touch with people. You can’t keep up with all that many by hand.  This course consists of a collection of videos from AWeber,  the premiere autoresponder service.

How Public Speakers Can Get An Income From The Web WARNING TO PUBLIC SPEAKERS: Over half your income has moved to the Internet.  Are you following it? This free e-learning course will show you how to use the web to make money directly and enhance your status as an acknowledged authority in your field.

Learn How To Find And Use The Great Keywords You MUST Have You must start with great keywords. People type keywords to find what they want online. If you don’t use the right keywords, people won’t find you. They will find somebody else. Here you can learn how to find and use great keywords. Here you can sign up for an ecourse from Wordtracker.

What You Need To Set Up a Print-On-Demand T-shirt Shop Online Get a document telling you what you will need to open a T-shirt Store at a print-on-demand web site. You can get into the self-expression industry at essentially no cost.

Other sites

Article Marketing This clique of pages shows you how to attract web traffic by writing articles and posting them in online article directories. It includes information on

  • how to build your articles around keywords,
  • how to find keywords,
  • how to write each part of the article,
  • where to submit your articles.

Create Income Streams YouTube channel.

Information Products

Design and Sell Your T-shirts On The Web All income, no costs. Sell your T-shirts on the web. Here is all the information you need to set up your own store at a print-on-demand web site. It costs you nothing to set up shop, nothing to promote your designs, and only your time and a bit of creativity to create your designs. You don’t have to be an artist or graphic designer to succeed. Get this e-book that tells you how.

Get Your Book Out! CD

Image of the Get Your Book Out CD!
Click to go Get Your Book Out!

This CD contains videos walking you through the process of formatting your manuscript and  having your book printed on demand. You can buy as few copies as you wish for a modest price.

All the PC software you need is included on the disc.

-Thomas Christopher
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If convenient, when I mention a product or service, I include an affiliate link to it. That means, if someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase, the vendor pays me something out of their advertising budget. I’d be foolish not to.